V-Feminine Cleanser

V-Feminine Cleanser

Rs. 305/-
Product Information

V-Feminine Cleanse is for intimate washing to wash most delicate external vaginal area. Daily washing with K-LINK V-Feminine Cleanser leaves fresh sensation. The V-Feminine Cleanser has unique balanced formulation for external cleansing.

The Power of V-Feminine Cleanser:

V-Feminine Cleanser is to cater to women’s hygienic needs. To make women "Feel Clean Fresh” special near to vaginal area. Most women will use this products as their Feminine Hygienic routine. The use of fragranced soap which has pH 10 to11 can irritate sensitive skin around vulva.

  • Maintains pH level of vagina & prevents discomfort.
  • pH Level is 3 – 4.
  • Mild refreshing Aroma.
  • It has lactic acid which protects from bacteria & infection.
  • K-LINK, V-Feminine Cleanser contains tea tree oil which helps to keep the delicate skin irritation free.
  • Also it contains Olive Esters which helps to keep the skin moist & provides skin hydration for long time.
  • Soap free, paraben free & Sulphate free product which helps vaginal ecosystem healthy & keeps external genital area fresh.