K-Gano Coffee

K-Gano Coffee

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Product Information

Taste the secret of K-GANO Coffee

K-Gano Coffee is an instant soluble & blended from quality coffee. Enriched with Pure Coffee Bean & Ganoderma (Mushroom Extract). Rich in aroma and Classic in taste.

K- Gano Coffee is a unique blend of instant coffee with Ganoderma mushroom extract. Ganoderma is called the king of mushrooms for its unique health benefits. This unique blend has many benefits of coffee.

Benefits :

o   Helps in Detoxifying the body.

o   Provides Instant energy.

o   Helps in prolonging quality sleep.

o   Rich in Antioxidant

o   Improves memory.

o   Enhances blood circulation

o   Helps in repairing & healing damaged cells.

o   Helps to suppress the excessive hunger thus facilitates to weight loss.

o   Cleanses the body and removes the impurities and toxins.

o   Boost immunity & act as a stress buster.

Direction for use:

  • Add 5 Gms in 100 ml of freshly boiled water.
  • Add milk and sweetener as desired.
  • Refreshes you & Keeps you going all day with healthy coffee breaks!!!