K-Arabica Golden Coffee

K-Arabica Golden Coffee

Rs. 1,002/-
Product Information

K-Arabica Golden Coffee is made from a unique blend of high quality Arabica coffee beans powder, curcuma Longa (Haldi) and Withania Somnifera (Ashwagandha). It Increases your metabolism and refreshes you all over the day. It strengthens the immune system and rich in antioxidants.

Benefits of K-Arabica Golden Coffee:

1) High in antioxidants that helps to repair cell damage.

2) Aids in blood purification.

3) Boosts your energy levels.

4) Helps to suppress the excessive hunger thus facilitates to weight loss.

5) Increases the metabolism that burns excess calories.

Direction of Usage:

Empty one sachet of K-Arabica Golden Coffee into a cup.

Add 150 ml of hot milk or water and add sugar to taste. Stir well & relish the taste.

Make your habit a healthy one with K-Arabica Golden Coffee.