K-Ges Capsules

Indigestion is commonly used to describe discomfort of the gastrointestinal tract associated with eating, drinking or smoking. Enhances absorption of most nutrients into the small intestine. K-Ges contains enzymes, that help in the process of digestion and relieves gas.


1. Heartburn and acid indigestion
2. Belching along with gaseous distention
3. Flatulence and stomach ache
4. Felling of fullness and nausea
5. Uneasiness after a heavy meal
6. Dyspepsia
7. Sour taste in the mouth
8. Chest pain


1. Poor dietary habits
2. Stress and depression
3. Irregular meal timings
4. Sleeping immediately after a heavy dinner
5. Smoking
6. Alcohol consumption

K-Ges Benefits

1. Relieves colic and flatulence
2. Has antispasmodic action
3. Improves appetite and digestion
4. Is a valued carminative
5. Helps in gaseous distention