K-Cal Plus

Rs. 2,220/-

K-Cal Plus contains a unique blend of high Calcium, Skimmed Milk and Soy Bean which helps in maintaining healthy bones. K-Cal Plus contains a broad range of minerals and Vitamins that assist in developing bones, maintaining healthy joints and enhance calcium absorption.


1) Helps to maintain strong bones and healthy teeth.

2) Helps to decrease risk of bone loss and fractures.

3) Helps to metabolize your body’s iron.

4) Assist in maintaining healthy joints.

5) Helps in preventing blood clot and helps in muscle contraction.

6) Assists in weight management.

7) Very useful in disorders like Osteomalacia (Softening of bones).

8) Useful in hypocalcaemia (calcium deficiency).

Instructions of Usage:

1) Mix one sachet of K-Cal Plus with 100 ml of warm water.

2) Stir it thoroughly and drink immediately .

3) You can mix either with milk or juices for better taste .

Recommended Daily Usage:

One sachet per day.


Rs. 2,760/- (25 Sachets)


Want to know a really simple, easy secret to support your weight loss efforts? It’s healthy and it’s backed by plenty of research. The secret is fiber.


• “Well Balanced” Nutritious Food
• It contains 27 unique ingredients like beans, grains, vegetables, etc
• It contains no artificial flavours, colours and antibiotic residues

How does K-BIOFIBER Function ?

1) Enhances weight-loss
2) Cleanses and detoxifies
3) Rejuvenates
4) Restores healthy functioning of all organs
5) Builds immunity
6) Provides nutrients
7) Improves colon health


1) Supports immunity
2) Helps lower cholesterol and reduces the risk of heart disease.
3) Collects and sweeps away toxins/waste.
4) Promotes healthy weight loss.
5) Improves regularity.
6) Promotes digestive health.

Instruction for usage: Mix content of one sachet with 250 ml of warm water, stir it thoroughly and drink immediately. You can mix it with milk or juices for better taste.

Adults: Add content of one sachet to 250ml of warm water. Stir it thoroughly and drink immediately.

Recommended daily usage: 1 to 3 sachets a day.

Highway to Health and slimming

Propolis Platinum

Rs. 1000/-

Propolis Platinum is a non-alcoholic liquid propolis from Brazil , which is renowned for producing the best green propolis  worldwide. The quality of propolis depends on its country origin. Different colors of propolis such as brown, yellow, green indicate its grades in quality. The best quality is the Brazilian green propolis, which has the richest plant life diversity in the world. According to Dr. Kishita in his book entitled ‘The Wonder Treatment of Propolis’, an analysis on the propolis of various countries revealed that propolis from Brazil, especially from the resins of Eucalyptus is the best quality.

Collected by bees from the unpolluted Brazilian tropical rainforest, propolis is a natural resin produced by bees to strengthen and protect their hives from infections. Scientific research has showed that regular use of propolis helps to strengthen the body’s immune system and therefore plays an important role in our general well being.

Functions of Propolis Platinum

Propolis Platinum is rich in bioflavonoid content. Bioflavonoids stimulate white blood cells that help to improve the body’s immune system. The flavonoids contained in Propolis Platinum are plant compounds that have high quality antifungal, antibacterial, antiviral, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Benefits of Propolis Platinum

Propolis Platinum stimulates the production of antibodies that help strengthen the body’s immune system. Propolis Platinum helps to ease sore and irritated throats. It acts to fight gum and teeth disorders, helps to prevent cold, gastrointestinal infections and etc. It can also help to improve from respiratory problems and assists in healing minor wounds when applied orally.


Rs. 700/-

Flax Seeds are a great source of fiber, lignans, protein, fat, Vitamins and minerals. Flax is a yellow flowering plant that is grown for its oil rich seeds. This natural oil is highly recommended for the general well being and whole body nutrition and is considered to be nature’s richest source of Omega-3 fatty acids that are required for the health of almost all body systems.
Flax Seed Extract contains Omega-3 and Omega-6 essential fatty acids, E Vitamins, potassium, lecithin, magnesium, fiber, protein, and zinc.The protein in flax seeds is easily digested and contains all the amino acids needed for building a strong body.

They also contain a special fiber called mucilage; this fiber in flax acts as a broom sweeping the colon of toxic material metabolic waste and dried mucus. Mucilage helps stabilize blood sugar levels, and is a natural laxative. Flax fiber is an excellent food for friendly bacteria in the intestine, which keeps disease-causing organisms in check.Flax seed contains lignans that have antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal properties.

Flax seeds have the richest source of lignans, 100 times more than the next best source, wheat bran. Lignans have antioxidant properties. Flax seed oil in K-Flax is also a powerful detoxifying agent. Flax seed extract increases the body’s production of energy and also increases stamina. It eases weight loss in people afflicted with obesity and stimulates brown fat cells and increases the metabolic rate making it easier to burn off fat.

Flax seed extract improves the absorption of calcium. It also helps in optimum development of brain and strengthens finger and toenails. It can improve eyesight and perception of colors. It may improve the function of the liver and may be helpful in the treatment of Dandruff and also dull hair. It can alleviate some allergies. Flax seed extract may help in the healing the sprains and can relieve some cases of premenstrual syndrome (PMS) in females.Flax seed extract takes a bit of time to be absorbed into the body before the full beneficial effects begin, it may range anywhere between a few days to as many as six weeks, depending on you overall well-being. Contents of K-Flax: Alpha linolenic acid, linolenic acid and Vitamin E.


Adult – 2-3 soft gels per day / Children – 1-2 soft gels per day, depending on the weight of the individual.1 capsule for every 15 kgs.


If  pregnant, nursing or under medication, consult your physician before using this product.