K-Vigo is a unique blend of rejuvenating and revitalizing adaptogenic aphrodisiac herbs that are documented to improve vitality and vigor inmen. Men require a range of herbal ingredients in their diet since their physiological needs differ, recommends Ayurveda.

K-Vigo forte goes beyond to promote health and enhance immunity and thus promotes longevity and helps to prevent premature ageing, apart from being a safe, effective and time tested revitalizer and rejuvenator. Ageing is associated with psychological illness such as depression, which affects sexual drive and could lead to erectile dysfunction.K-Vigo is recommended as a tonic for men,for loss of libido, general weakness, spermatorrhoea, oligospermia etc. K-vigo helps to prevent premature ejaculation.

K-Vigo promotes strength, vigor and vitality, Increase sperm count, helps in general weakness, aging and stress induced disorders.


Capsules three times daily.

Mechanism of Action:

1. Aphrodisiac.
2. Increase male virility.
3. Vigor.
4. Vitality.
5. Sexual tonic.
6. Increase semen.
7. General tonic.
8. Rejuvenator and restorative tonic.