SOD Rooibos Drink

Rs. 390/-

“Rooibos” SOD Drink is a truly unique beverage with a full range of health benefits. It is a refreshing drink for all occasions and can be enjoyed both hot or cold. Busy businessman and professionals, leaders and others from all walks of life find:

Rooibos SOD Drink a superb thirst quencher during their business day. Due to its caffeine-free attribute it can be enjoyed in unlimited quantities at any time of the day. Whether it is the first thing in the morning, at normal teatime or just before bedtime.

SOD – Super Oxide Dismutase:

1. Rooibos SOD Drink is completely pure and natural as it contains no additives, preservatives and colourants.
2. Rooibos SOD Drink can strongly be recommended for people suffering from irritability, headaches, distributed sleeping patters, nervous tension, as it contains No Caffeine and has a soothing effect on the Central Nervous System.
3. Drinking Caffeine-free “Rooibos” SOD Drink may also help stomach and indigestive problems like nausea, vomiting & heartburn.
4. Rooibos SOD Drink has a soothing effect on the skin, relieving itching and certain skin irritations when directly applied to the affected area.
5. Rooibos SOD Drink is an ideal drink for people on kilojoule-restricted diet.
6. The effect of free radicals in the process of ageing and the declining of the immune system is limited by the Anti-Oxidants in Rooibos SOD Drink.
7. Rooibos SOD Drink also contains iron, as well as Pottasium and Copper. These minerals are essential to enhance our metabolic functions.
8. Rooibos SOD Drink can also supplement our daily need for CAlcium, Magnesium and especially Fluorida which is needed for development of strong teeth and bones.
9. Rooibos SOD Drink contains Zinc and Alpha-hydroxyl acid which nourish the skin and Magnesium which helps to build a healthy nervous system.
10. Since “Rooibos” SOD Drink Contains No Oxalic Acid it can be consumed freely from Kidney stones.
11. Rooibos SOD Drink has Anti-Spasmodic Properties.
12. Rooibos SOD Drink is a great starter in the morning , a superb thirst-quencher during the day and a night it helps you to relax and sleep well.

Perfectly simple to brew “Rooibos” SOD Drink

Rinse the drink pot with boiling water, then empty it.
Add drink into pot (One drink bag can brew approx.1.5 litre of drink)
Pour boiling water into the pot and serve after 2 to 3 minutes.