Rs. 2,520/-

Feminine problems are a fact of life for women all over. K-Puyikang is a unique feminine hygiene product from Japan made from natural plant resources which helps to overcome some of the feminine problems.
K-Puyikang helps to prevent unpleasant feminine discharges and leucor rhoea, embarrassing odours. K-Puyikang may prevent dampness and returns sensitivity to the vaginal area.

The vagina is unique in that it is formed of elastic muscles that can expand to enable the baby to deliver. However the vaginal muscles would lose its previous firmness. K-Puyikang will help to return firmness to the vaginal muscles. K-Puyikang can be used daily before shower bath. This cleans the Uterus and provides a protective layer along the uterus lining.

Direction to Use:

Put the contents of one packet of K-Puyikang in the cleanser provided. Add luke warm water and shake well. Insert and use to cleanse the vagina for atleast 30 minutes before bath/shower. Do not use soap or other products afterwards. Use once daily.