K-LINK Arabica Coffee

Rs. 714/-

It is made from a unique blend of high quality Arabica coffee beans, ginseng extract and Ganoderma extract. It makes you totally rejuvenated and revitalized.


Empty one sachet of K-LINK Arabica coffee into a cup of boiling water (150 ml). Stir and serve. Make your habit a healthy one with K-LINK Arabica coffee!

Benefits of Ganoderma Extract:

1. Provides more energy and vigor(less fatigue).
2. Rejuvenates: makes you feel young.
3. Increases concentration and alertness.
4. Strengthens the immune system.
5. Lowers unhealthy cholesterol.
6. Is rich in antioxidants.

Benefits of Ginseng Extract:

1. Ginseng extract helps to prolong human life and to preserve agility of human body.
2. Regulates the activity of the central nervous system.
3. Regulates the blood pressure and aids the blood circulation.
4. Lowers the level of blood sugar and uric sugar.
5. Promotes the biosynthesis of ribonucleic acid and protein in the liver, marrow and testicles.
6. Resistance of human body against hear-shock.