K-Energy Touch

K-Energy Touch

Rs. 2,100/-
Product Information

K-Energy Touch is originated from the pure and natural element of Universe Induced Energy to help the delay of deterioration as well as decaying process. It can also be used to help enhance the quality of our health.

The UIE K-Energy Touch utilizes the useful energy of the sun to help maintain the quality of health and life in general. With the advent of high technology, such energy has been infused into an unknitted cloth, sealed in a gold aluminium foil and covered with a unique plastic material for usage purposes.

The unique product also has a variety of functions which includes:

1. Food and Drinks.

2. Helps to retain freshness of vegetables, fish and meat.

3. Improve the quality and taste of food and drinks.

4. The Human Body.

By placing the UIE K-Energy Touch on affected body parts, it helps to normalize organ’s functions and reduce aches and pain. The energy also assists in preventing unhealthy cells from multiplying.

Other Usage:

1. Enhances the function of electrical appliances and the performance of gas stoves.

2. Absorbs bad odour or smells in the refrigerator.

3. Place underneath the pillow for a good night sleep or sleeping comfort and recommended for insomnia sufferers.

4. Helps transform dangerous electromagnetic waves from household appliances to be harmless.

5. Reduces the harmful effect of cigarettes.