K-Shine & Sparkle (2 in 1) Detergent Powder

K-Shine & Sparkle (2 in 1) Detergent Powder

Rs. 195/- (1 Kg)
Product Information

K-Shine & Sparkle 2 in 1 detergent powder removes even the toughest dried-on stains, ensuring a stain-free laundry. It removes stubborn stains, protects the colors of your clothes and gives a lingering fragrance to your clothes. K-Shine & Sparkle detergent powder works great in front load washing machine, top load washing machine & also hand washing purpose. It is designed to give you an outstanding clean in both, machine wash and Hand wash.


Your clothes play an important part in your mood for the day. K-Shine & Sparkle leaves your clothes with a lingering fresh smell that is sure to set the perfect tone for the day.


K-Shine & Sparkle detergent powder sometime leave your favourite clothes stiff. The perfumed detergent cleans the fabric gently.


We all know how harsh chemicals of detergents can make your clothes look dull. The cleaning agents of K-Shine & Sparkle maintains the shine and keeps your clothes looking like new.

Keep your clothes Shining all day!!