K-FIBWEL 150 gms ( 15 sachets x 10gms)

K-FIBWEL 150 gms ( 15 sachets x 10gms)

Product Information

K-FibWel - Health Supplement with Rich Fiber.

Want to know a really simple, easy secret to support your weight loss efforts? It’s healthy and it’s backed by plenty of research. The secret is fiber.

What is FibWel?

·        "Well Balanced” Nutritious Food.

·        It contains unique antioxidants like Kiwi, Psyllium Husk, Monk fruit extract, Beans, Grains, Vegetables, etc.,

·        Naturally sweet and flavourful & it is not genetically modified.


How does K-FibWel Function?

  • Enhances weight-loss.
  • Cleanses and detoxifies.
  • Rejuvenates.
  • Restores healthy functioning of all organs.
  • Builds immunity.
  • Regulates blood sugar.
  • Provides nutrients.
  • Improves colon health.
  • Gives a feeling of satiety.


·        Supports immunity.

·        Helps lower cholesterol and reduces the risk of heart disease.

·        Collects and sweeps away toxins.

·        Promotes healthy weight loss.

·        Improves Blood Circulation.

·        Promotes digestive health.

Serving Direction: 

Pour 1 sachet into a glass, add 100 ml of cold water, stir well and serve immediately.

Recommended daily usage:

One sachet per day. 

"Ticket to Health, Fitness and Well-Being”