K-Sophie Sanitary Pad (Panty Liner)

K-Sophie Sanitary Pad (Panty Liner)

Rs. 278/-
Product Information

K-Sophie sanitary pads and Pantiliners are made with special formula, combining traditional herbs ingredients with the latest biotechnology- based agent to help reducing ladies problem caused by bacteria, vaginal inflammation, itchiness and odour. 9 unique features of K-Sophie sanitary pad:

1. Pure cotton silky soft quilted cover. A layer of soft and fine pure cotton to keep you dry, refreshing and comfortable.

2. Highly absorbent: Made of a combination of highly absorbent materials, providing maximum protection with ultimate comfort.

3. Ultra Thin: The thickness of each pad is only 0.3mm. It is so thin that you can hardly feel it is there.

4. Special Formula of Natural Herbs: Tested and tried throughout the years using nature’s methods to allay the monthly discomfort.

5. Bio-Tech Anti-Bacterial Core: It is anti-bacterial with biotechnology and highly absorbent.

6. Natural Breathable Materials: A natural combination of plant resin and tree extracts for the back sheet.

7. Refreshing & Odourless: Refreshing and does not emit odour.

8. Proof of Non-Toxicity: Microbiologically tested by SGS Taiwn Ltd. As free from toxic materials and heavy metal.

9. High Quality Control: Made of dust-free protective membrane which effectively absorb moisture and prevent leakage to keep you fresh and dry.