K-Men Health Kit

K-Men Health Kit

Rs. 4,475/-
Product Information

Modern medical science deals with each organ and ailment in isolation, in doing so often hurt the human immune system.Ayurveda believes in the cohesiveness of the human body.All organs and ailments are interconnected, to cure one ailment we often have to touch and treat a series of related conditions.

Men and Women require different types of K-Ayurveda products since their physiological needs are different from each other.

This has given rise to concept of K- Ayurveda Health Set For Men and Health Set For Women.

Men’s Health Set comprises of

1. K-Liquid Chlorophyll
2. K-Vigo
3. K-Rol
4. K-Lax
5. K-Lite

Advantages of Health Set For Men:

1. Neutralizes, restores the energy levels and supplements our auto immune system.
2. Improves the digestion process for better absorption of nutrients.
3. Directly strengthens the basic balance in human bodies.
4. Builds immunity and improves our day to day living experiences.