Boon for Women


In Ayurveda (the 5000-year old ancient medical approach) Woman is considered to be “Shakti”; the Mother and Source of creation, in whose lap all of civilization is cradled.

When we speak about “Women’s Health” we understand that this encompasses many different issues during the different stages of her life. Every woman goes through a series of profound changes during her lifetime. Heavy Work, Modern Life Style contrary to nature, Restlessness, Urinary tract infections, Stress, Hormonal imbalance, Irregular Menstrual cycle, lack of time to care for self are the basic reasons for many ailments that today’s women come across. Only healthy women can make a family prosper.

In order to help women and to maintain healthy life throughout. Here is a “BOON FOR WOMEN” an Ayurvedic supplement that rejuvenates the system, enhances beauty, improves vitality, strengthens urinary tract and regenerates kidney cells.


Boon for Women Kit comprises of

K-Rin – 1 No

K-Vita – 2Nos


K-Vita is a proven herbal tonic that rejuvenates the system, enhances beauty and improves vitality. It stimulates digestive process, promotes luster and glow to the complexion.

  • Promotes strength and vigor
  • Balances the hormones
  • Its anti-oxidant properties delay the ageing process
  • Helps in general weakness
  • Helps in debility, ageing and stress induced disorders
  • Improves resistance against infections
  • Helps in Genitourinary diseases, menorrhagia and leucorrhoea.


K-Rin is a herbal combination that is highly recommended to remove build of toxins in the body caused due to metabolism of natural chemicals in the case of Urinary Tract Disorders.

  • Improves urine flow
  • Helps in the treatment of dysuria, cystitis and crystalluria
  • Acts as a urinary antiseptic and relieves inflammation
  • Helps in maintenance of sexual health and vitality
  • Clears the urinary tract infection
  • Excretes the toxins and small kidney stones

BOON FOR WOMEN Keeps them healthy and energetic.



K-RIN – 2 capsules 2 times daily

K-VITA – 2 capsules 2 times daily

K- Herbal Tea (Moringa, Tulsi, Lemon with Honey)

K-Herbal Tea


Our K-Herbal Tea contains Moringa, Tulsi, Lemon with Honey, India’s most nourishing herbs. The blend of these herbs not only gives delicious taste but also keeps you rejuvenated throughout the day. Our K-Herbal tea help to relieve symptoms of diabetes and hypertension, protect liver function, enhance immunity, dissolve kidney stones, subdue cough, detoxify the body, improve gastrointestinal function, fight against cancer etc. Adding this healthy ancient drink to your daily diet will surely benefit you. Initially, you may not enjoy the taste of herbal tea, but when consumed on a daily basis you will begin to relish its benefits.

1) Blend of Powerful Moringa – Works as an energy booster & fights against cholesterol build-up.

2) Tulsi “The Queen of Herbs” – which boosts the immune system.

3) Lemon – Flushes unwanted toxins out of the body.

4) Honey – Works as an excellent anti oxidant.

Benefits of K-Herbal Tea:

  • Lowers Cholesterol
  • Manages Diabetes
  • Promotes weight Loss
  • Fights Cancer
  • Heals cold and Cough
  • Enhances immunity
  • Improves Quality of Sleep
  • Soothes Gastrointestinal Issues
  • Dissolve Kidney stone
  • Detoxify the body

Preparation Suggestion:

Immerse one teabag in boiling water for 2 – 3 minutes & enjoy this refreshing blend.

K-Liquid Chlorophyll with Mint


Chlorophyllin is rich in natural goodness.

The main source of Liquid Chlorophyll for commercial extraction is the Alfalfa Plant which is called as FATHER OF ALL FOODS.  K-Liquid Chlorophyll with Mint flavor can function as a free radical neutralizer, may help to support the body’s detoxification processes and has been traditionally used as an internal deodorizer.Chlorophyll, life’s natural elixir, is the green pigment of plants. It traps and stores the energy of sunlight for the photosynthesis process. The energy is required to convert water (H2O) and carbon dioxide (C2O) into glucose (C6H12O6), the chief source of energy for living organisms.

Benefits of taking K-Liquid Chlorophyll:

  • Stabilize body temperature
  • Freshens Breath
  • Detoxifies blood
  • Balances acid and alkaline levels
  • Enhances Metabolism
  • Controls the blood sugar level
  • Strengthens Immune system
  • Delays ageing process
  • Eliminating body odor
  • Increases red blood cells
  • Provides iron to organs
  • Inhibits bacterial growth
  • Improves oral health
  • Abates digestive problems
  • Soothes sore throat
  • Abates the risk of bronchitis

How to Use K-Liquid Chlorophyll with Mint?

 Adults: Mix 15 ml of Chlorophyll (one tablespoon of Chlorophyll) in 250 ml of water and drink it regularly.

 Children: Mix ½ tablespoon of chlorophyll in one glass of water, Don’t mix with hot water, mix it with cold water.

Disclaimer: This product is not a drug and not intended to diagnose, cure or treat or prevent any disease.

V-Feminine Cleanser

Rs. 305/-

V-Feminine Cleanse is for intimate washing to wash most delicate external vaginal area. Daily washing with K-LINK V-Feminine Cleanser leaves fresh sensation. The V-Feminine Cleanser has unique balanced formulation for external cleansing.

The Power of V-Feminine Cleanser:

V-Feminine Cleanser is to cater to women’s hygienic needs. To make women “Feel Clean Fresh” special near to vaginal area. Most women will use this products as their Feminine Hygienic routine. The use of fragranced soap which has pH 10 to11 can irritate sensitive skin around vulva.

  • Maintains pH level of vagina & prevents discomfort.
  • pH Level  is 3 – 4.
  • Mild refreshing Aroma.
  • It has lactic acid which protects from bacteria & infection.
  • K-LINK, V-Feminine Cleanser contains tea tree oil which helps to keep the delicate skin irritation free.
  • Also it contains Olive Esters which helps to keep the skin moist & provides skin hydration for long time.
  • Soap free, paraben free & Sulphate free product which helps vaginal ecosystem healthy & keeps external genital area fresh.

K-Cal Plus

Rs. 2,220/-

K-Cal Plus contains a unique blend of high Calcium, Skimmed Milk and Soy Bean which helps in maintaining healthy bones. K-Cal Plus contains a broad range of minerals and Vitamins that assist in developing bones, maintaining healthy joints and enhance calcium absorption.


1) Helps to maintain strong bones and healthy teeth.

2) Helps to decrease risk of bone loss and fractures.

3) Helps to metabolize your body’s iron.

4) Assist in maintaining healthy joints.

5) Helps in preventing blood clot and helps in muscle contraction.

6) Assists in weight management.

7) Very useful in disorders like Osteomalacia (Softening of bones).

8) Useful in hypocalcaemia (calcium deficiency).

Instructions of Usage:

1) Mix one sachet of K-Cal Plus with 100 ml of warm water.

2) Stir it thoroughly and drink immediately .

3) You can mix either with milk or juices for better taste .

Recommended Daily Usage:

One sachet per day.

K-Arabica Golden Coffee

Rs. 1,002/-

K-Arabica Golden Coffee is made from a unique blend of high quality Arabica coffee beans powder, curcuma Longa (Haldi) and Withania Somnifera (Ashwagandha). It Increases your metabolism and refreshes you all over the day. It strengthens the immune system and rich in antioxidants.

Benefits of K-Arabica Golden Coffee:

1) High in antioxidants that helps to repair cell damage.

2) Aids in blood purification.

3) Boosts your energy levels.

4) Helps to suppress the excessive hunger thus facilitates to weight loss.

5) Increases the metabolism that burns excess calories.

Direction of Usage

Empty one sachet of K-Arabica Golden Coffee into a cup.

Add 150 ml of hot milk or water and add sugar to taste. Stir well & relish the taste.

Make your habit a healthy one with K-Arabica Golden Coffee.


K-Hydrogen Water Generator Mini

Rs. 27,000/-


Hydrogen water is normal water that has extra hydrogen molecules in it. Hydrogen (H2) is an odorless, colorless, and tasteless gas. It is the smallest existent gas molecule. Because of this unique property, molecular hydrogen could penetrate almost every organ and cell in the body (including the brain). Hydrogen water can act as powerful antioxidants that help neutralize free radicals which cause disease development, inflammation, aging antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-allergy.  Hydrogen-rich water is the key to neutralize free radicals to achieve greater health.

Benefits of drinking Hydrogen water:

1. Slows down the aging process
2. Lowers inflammation
3. Boosts energy
4. Improves skin conditions
5. Prevents chronic health problems
6. Boosts Immune System
7. Helps in achieving optimum health & Wellness.

Direction for use:

Best powered by your power banks. It only takes 8 minutes to produce richest dissolved hydrogen for a standard size of 500ml bottled water.

K-Tejas Nature Glow Soap

Rs. 247/-

This Soap is enriched with Shea Butter, Turmeric Extract, Vitamin E, Almond Oil & Cocoa Butter. Shea butter locks moisture into the skin and prevents it from becoming dry, rough and scaly by keeping it hydrated for longer. Turmeric Extract helps in Balancing Oil Content of the Skin and provides Lustre to the Skin. Vitamin E helps maintaining Oil Balance of Skin, also reduces water loss from skin, it helps nourishing skin and protects skin from damages. Almond Oil gives skin glow and moisturizes the skin. Cocoa butter is high in antioxidants, which help fight off free-radical damage to the skin. Free radicals can cause skin aging, dark patches, and dull skin. Protecting your skin from free-radical damage is a must if you want to keep it healthy and youthful-looking.


1. Excellent Skin Moisturizer & Smoothing.
2. Reduces Inflammation.
3. Restores elasticity to skin and reduces blemishes and wrinkles.
4. Helps reduces acne and scarring.
5. Helps soothe skin and Correct Oily Skin.
6. Fight off acne.
7. Reduces dark circles.
8. Protect against sun damage & aging.
9. It keeps skin hydrated and cal

K-Tejas Sandal-Lavender Face Pack

Rs. 180/- (150 gms)

This face pack has unique blend of five different natural earths enriched in calcium and magnesium ions .This face pack enriched with lavender oil repairs the skin and provides special soothing effect on irrupted skin. The time tested sandal wood powder improves the skin complexion and helps in removing excess oils from the skin should be used regularly to improve the skin complexion.


1. Sandalwood & Lavender oil helps in removing the marks caused by acne and sun tan.
2. It gives a fair and glowing appearance to the skin and also helps in improving the tone of the skin.
3. It helps in getting rid of acne, pimples and ugly marks from the skin.
4. It gives a wrinkle free skin and tightens the facial skin.
5. It calms the skin with its cooling and soothing properties.
6. Regular use of sandalwood makes the skin soft, supple and glowing.
7. Whiten the skin tone and also helps in lightening blemishes and acne scars.

Direction of use:

1. First Wash your face with K-Tejas Nature Glow.
2. Then apply a thin layer of K-Tejas face pack evenly on face and neck. Allow to dry, wash off with cold water.
3. Apply it on your face weekly twice to get even skin tone.

K-Tejas Moisturising Lotion

Rs. 222/- (120 ml)

This is non-oily lotion enriched with natural Aloevera & Vitamin-E. Aloevera moisturises skin & Vitamin-E provides nourishment. The non-oily base penetrates deep inside the epidermal skin & helps improve its texture .The dual action replenishes the moisture lost by the skin making it soft, smoother & younger looking. Suitable for all skin type.


1. Re-hydrate dried skin.
2. Replenish extra dry or rough spots on the skin.
3. Soften the roughest parts of your body.
4. Make your skin glow.
5. Reduce wrinkles.