K-Wilt (250GM)

K-Wilt (250GM)

Rs. 505/-
Product Information
K-WILT (250GM)

K-WILT with its unique formula helps plants to develop tolerance to stress caused by climatic and other factors to produce optimum crop output. Resists stress caused by fungal and bacterial diseases.


Proteins (min.)                5.00 (w/w in %)
Total fatty matter (derived from potassium salt of fatty acids) (min.)                        2.00 (w/w in %)                            
Eugenol derived from clove oil (min.)     1.00 (w/w in %)
Heavy metals
In mg / kg                        (maximum)
Cadmium (as Cd)                    5.00
Chromium (VI) (as Cr)                50.00
Copper (as Cu)                        300.00
Zinc (as Zn)                        1000.00
Lead (as Pb)                        100.00    
Arsenic (as As₂O3)                    10.00

DOSAGE : 3 to 4 gm per litre of water. Mix the recommended quantity thoroughly in sufficient amount of water & spray uniformly on the plants surface. K-WILT can be applied on all crops.