K-Repel (250 ml & 1000 ml)

K-Repel (250 ml & 1000 ml)

Rs. 450 (250 ml) & Rs. 1,780 (1000 ml)
Product Information

Pest Repellent

K-Repel is a farm input for better crop care for better growth and resistance against attack from pests like Brown Plant Hopper on Paddy.

Composition: Composition:
Total Solids (Comprising of B Vitamins, bitterants and surfactants) 05.00% w/v (Min.)
Functional Media 95.00% v/v (Max.)
Total 100.00%

Mode of Action : Upon spraying K - Repel, the plants will grow better and will withstand against stress and pests like Brown Plant Hopper.

Dosage : 2-3ml per litre of water.