K-Booster Granules (4 Kgs)

K-Booster Granules (4 Kgs)

Rs. 770/-
Product Information

Overall growth : MittiDhan increases the overall growth, lush green of the plant with optimum quality and quantity of produce / yield.

Greater Soil Microbial Activity : Nutrients present in the product act as food to beneficial microbes thus increases the microbial activity.

Stress Tolerance : Plants tolerate greater levels of Climatic factors and withstands against stress and that reduces the amount of damage.

Defence Mechanism : Stimulants present in the product encourage root and shoot growth. These roots can absorb greater amount of available nutrients from the soil. Healthy roots and the plants reduce the damage and helps in improving the natural defence mechanism of the plant.

Increased Chlorophyll Level : Betaines present in the Product reduce natural damage to the photosynthetic process, hence maintains the chlorophyll content. This helps in keeping the leaves in healthier and greener condition.

The bio-efficacy study at MPKV, Rahuri showed substantial growth of the plants with higher quality and quantity produce.