Health & Beauty Tips

K-Pearl Multivitamin Face Wash:

K-LINK face wash will protect you from radicals and it is free from Sulphate, Paraben, Silicones & Amides. It controls the oil secretion from our face and it gives the lightening complexion for skin.

 K-Nourish (Scalp Nourish):

K-Nourish is a 2 in 1 Products which nourishes and cleanses you hair. It controls dandruff, oil secretion and at the same time nourishes the scalp. This product is also give perfect conditioning for the hair and provides you a volumizing effect to the hair. It controls the dandruff, hair fall and gives hair protection.

 K-Elan (Ganoderma & Turmeric):

K-Elan soap enriched with Ganoderma & Turmeric extracts gives excellent microbial properties against all form of germs. This soap provides a fine bubble which gives you a luxury bath.

 K-Glimmer Oil:

K-Glimmer Oil stops the occurrence of fine lines and wrinkles; it fades old acne marks, scars and dark spots. K-Glimmer Oil will brighten your complexion and makes you look young and beautiful. It leaves your skin soft and smooth.